Company D

of the

27th Virginia Infantry Regiment


Sales & Contact Information

First off, the ground rules.

  • I will ONLY sell to members of Company D. I take this stance in order to insure your privacy. When an order is submitted, I will verify your identity/mailing address with George "Ranger" Walters. After his thumbs up I will process & ship your order. This is due to copyright issues concerning your liknesses. If you choose to place an order please give me some time to get the orders out. I have a day job and, every now & again, a life.
  • I will accept check or cash as payment. It will have to be mailed to me (address provided at time of order), or you can pay Ranger and I'll try to get it back out of him myself (remember, George, I know where you live!). Payment is NOT due in advance, but please try to avoid lengthy delays. I trust y'all.
  • Minimum order: $10.00 + Shipping (Shipping will be cheap...price of a padded envelope and postage, rounded up to the nearest dollar)
  • All prices given below are for printing at a photo lab unless otherwise noted.
  • To place an order, I can be reached at

What I can offer:

  • The Color (unaltered) prints are currently sized at a 4X6 ratio. I can crop the photos to pretty much any size you want, but keep in mind that the composition of the photo's will change. Prices for standard sizes are:
    • 4X6: $2.00
    • 5X7: $4:00
    • 8X10: $6:50
    • Custom sizes are certainly available. Drop me a line for pricing. Professional printing (ie: at a lab) is available or, for a bit less, I can print myself (up to 11X19), but the lifetime of the prints will be shorter than the professional work.
  • Sepia prints are more expensive (see the examples below) due to the time/effort involved. There are many variables in generating sepia and most people have their own idea of what they're looking for. I'll mail you a couple of low-res options showing different colors and you can give me feedback until we work out what you want. For sepia, add $3.50 per print.
  • I also offer greeting cards! These are very nice cards with the photo of your choice on the front (portrait or landscape) and blank inside. Great for any occasion and guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient. The card itself is 5X7 with an image size of roughly 3 1/2 X 5 1/2. Of course, it includes an envelope. I think you'd be impressed. The price per card is $4.00 (+ $3.50 for sepia). These are manpower intensive, plus the cost of the stock.
  • Finally, I can also matte photos for you...all you need is to get a frame! Contact me for pricing.

A Final Word

Let me say that, even if I don't sell a thing, I had a great time seeing y'all do your thing and I appreciate the chance to spend the day shooting you. I am heading back to sunny Florida (my real home) in September, although I may end up returning to the DC metro area if I can find a transfer to the region (I'm a Federal kinda guy and the wheels of government move slowly). Should I return, I'd love to "shoot" Company D again, perhaps under battle conditions. Until then, keep safe & watch out for those blue-bellies!