Concert pages

One of my favorite photo activities is to shoot live music. It doesn't matter where I'm shooting: a bar, concert, whatever, I love the challenge. Getting in the gate is often the first problem. Then there is the low and rapidly changing lighting, the crowds in various stages of frenzy, and my own distraction of seeing good music played well. Nothing better.

Little Feat

I have been a huge Little Feat fan for more years than I care to admit, back to the Lowell George days. The current incarnation of the band were early adopters of the internet, leveraging the medium to reach and interact with their fans. As a result I have had great access to the band (thanks, HMFIC) and had excellent vantage points at multiple venues. The Feat community is filled with a great bunch of diverse people. i'm proud to count some of them as my friends. Hoy-hoy!





Other Artists

I have also shot other artists as the oppourtunities present themselves. Local Florida venues, street parties, venues that I run across while travelling have all been captured. I was lucky enough to catch Los Lobos while in Denver on business and was able to talk my way in with my gear. I literally stumbled across Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at a street festival in VA just a few blocks from where I was living while working in DC. I had had no idea that they were going to be there. Me & the Boy Scouts have one thing in common: Be Prepared.

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