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OK, so gathered here is our collection of photos. We have family snapshots, views from our travels about the globe, interesting events we have attended and some odd happenings in our life. Some are meant to convey stories we have been fortunate enough to have witnessed. Some are to attempt to show the beauty we have seen. Others show our good fortune with our family and friends. It's an interesting mix.

What you'll find here

Below are some brief descriptions of the various sections in this site. You can reach them by clicking below, or via the links at the top of each page. Have fun exploring!

J&P's Travel Pages What we've seen during our travels. Read more...
J&P's Concert PagesWe've been fortunate to get shots from many concerts. Read more...
J&P's Space PagesLiving on the Space Coast we've seen history being made. Read more...

J&P's Other PagesStuff that just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. Read more...

Latest News

Merry Christmas from Captiva! (1/2/17)

Happy Thanksgiving! (8/25/16)

Shots from our trip to the Outer Banks are here. (11/25/16)

Finally got the Switzerland photos up. This takes you there. (8/20/16)

We had a fantastic week with family in Costa RIca on a beautiful estate directly on the beach. We'll be back. This takes you there. (4/5/15)

Holy cow, did we have a great time in Tahiti or what? 4 nights at a couple of resorts followed by 2 weeks sailing on a 55' cat! Check it out here. (11/9/14)

The latest to go up are shots from our recent trip to NYC with the Brady's. Click here. (5/18/13)

Shots from the Cocoa Beach Races (and some post-race activities) can be found here. (6/9/12)

Our family trip to Baltimore can be found here. (5/8/11)

Shots from the August NY trip are here.

Our photos for our great trip to Scotland are posted here. (8/1/10)

Finally put up a few shots from my trip to the Smokies last year. (7/16/10)

Our new Travel Blog can now be found at (4/25/10)

Shots from the Strikes Against Cancer Benefit can be found here. (4/15/10)

Shots of the ARES I-X vehicle on the pad and lifting off can be found here. Pretty cool stuff. (11/8/09)

Our Master Closet Remodel is now up here. (11/8/09)

Shots from our August trip to NYC can be found here.

I finally got the shots from my 2008 trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park up on our Travel Page.


Things We Read

Here are some of the sites/blogs we read:

Minor Catastrophes - Our niece's very funny blog

Dooce - One of the premier bloggers out there

Boing Boing - Various and sundry stuff

Dad Gone Mad

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